Scarlet Royalty: Red Velvet’s Journey to “Queendom”

“Bae Joo-hyun! Kang Seulgi! Son Seung-wan! Park Soo-young! Kim Ye-rim! Red Velvet! Psycho!”

That’s how the fanchant goes, and how it was seen in this version of “Psycho,” Red Velvet’s last release as a group (which we selected as one of the best K-pop songs of 2020). Seeing the members of the girl group react to the intimately set atmosphere with their fans was refreshing in two different ways — first, because we know that something like that may not happen anytime soon, and because of how it took 20 months before Red Velvet got together for another new release.

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Red Velvet’s Joy takes us down memory lane with ‘Hello’

2021 has been a good year so far for Red Velvet fans (well, kind of). After opening the year with the “SMTOWN Live Culture Humanity” with all five members together once again, another member is now releasing her own solo album.

Just a month ago, Park Soo-young — more commonly known as Joy — was the MC for the press launch of Wendy’s solo album, “Like Water.” On a fine Monday afternoon, they switch roles as Joy releases her album “Hello (안녕)” through an online album listening session.

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NCT Dream talks about their full-length album ‘Hot Sauce’

It’s been almost five years since NCT Dream was launched as a seven-member group under SM Entertainment’s sprawling NCT project. The sub-unit, who were then 15 to 17 years old, presented a bubble gum pop counterpart to the rest of the NCT units and debuted with a song called “Chewing Gum.” Several EPs and a live album later, NCT Dream finally released a proper full-length album with “Hot Sauce (맛).”

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My Story as a Blink

But like many other Filipinos throughout the world’s longest lockdown, I unexpectedly fell into the very deep rabbit hole that is hallyu. And as much as we didn’t see this pandemic coming, I never imagined getting sucked into this world.

So you start with one song, you move on to a vlog, and before you know it, your room is adorned with black and pink merch.

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